Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Hi all.....hubby is here now to help me figure out how to post some here goes!!
 my quilt called matrimony from and Aardvark pattern....very fun....I raw edged it down instead of needle-turning.
One of my students, Jan Collier,  made this tumbling starts quilt.

From Kathy Doughty book.
It is called Fractured, and fun to make.  A little tedious, but beautiful  with all Australian fabric.
I can't wait to take her class in July.  It should be loads of fun.
We had our  Camano Island Quilt  Show in April, and the quilts were totally fabulous.  We have such great quilters in our guild, and had Abbey Rents put up our pipes.  Much better since we are a mature guild!! 
Naughty Sparkie scratched and bit me last night, but thank goodness it did not get infected....I had one bout with that a month ago, and it was a visit to the dr.....antibiotics and a new tetanus shot...I needed the shot anyway.   Naughty Sparkie.  How can that sweet face be sooooo ornery????
Will try to post more often in the coming days.   I am going to finish the last two Kaffe quilts so I can get them mailed off to England.  Then I have several of my own projects I want to start.
Have a great weekend coming.
 Judy and Sparkie!

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