Thursday, December 29, 2016

Back Again at Last

Greetings, if anyone is still out there.  It has been months and months since I have written a post.....the last several months I tried to write I could not figure out how to get into my blog to write....I think the blog gremlins were doing something to my page.  I just cannot seem to figure out what is going on sometimes....but, tonite I tried again, and wa-la....I was able to get in to write.

Well, so much has happened since last sweet Sparkie cat has gone to  kitty cat heaven....she disappeared one night after biting me again.  I was going to have to give her away to a farm to be a mouser because she was so naughty and did so much biting and scratching.  She went outside one night and never came back....she was such a beautiful kitty, but had mental health issues, I think!!
So, off I went to NOAH and got a new kitty....this one is black, and his name is Kitty Boy....he is a real lover boy, and good most of the time except when he climbs up the Christmas tree or jumps up into the window in the living room about 8 feet up....he thinks he is an acrobat!

This Christmas season we have much to be thankful dear hubby had some heart issues with Afib....and the result was a pacemaker.  He is doing fine now and we are so grateful for the brilliant scientists that invented the pacemaker.
I am still quilting and teaching....making a giant lone star now and getting ready to make a Yosemite Half Dome collage soon.
I hope to try to keep up with the blog again, as long as I can figure out how to get in and write a new post.
Wishing you and all your families the most blessed healthy and happy new year....Judy Irish

I have given up trying to post pics seems to be throwing a fit!!!
I wiil try posting some pics of Kitty Boy later and some of my new quilts.....

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