Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I'm Back........Again.....Finally

Hi out there if anyone is still checking in!
Shame on me....seems like I just never get going on my blog.  I certainly tip my hat to those faithful folks who write every day.   I guess I am just not that enamored of  my computer, not to mention it seems like I never get around to sitting and  punching away at this keyboard.
Well, since last we spoke,  one of the most exciting things was getting Sparkie to the vet for her shots.

But I guess I will let Sparkie tell you all about that.  She loves to chat on-line almost as much as she loves to bite and attack her mom.

Hi Sparkie Fans......if mom doesn't get on the computer and do her work, then I never get to post anything on the blog.  I have not yet figured out how to work the computer, but I do love to sit and watch the cursor wiggle around the screen.
Mom took me to the vet for shots and a pedicure, which did not work out very well.  The vet is a cute young blond girl who managed to give me my shots, but I did not want a pedicure, so I left her with one giant scratch on her arm and me with no pedicure.  I do NOT  like to go in my little cage to the VET.   Poor mom.  She has to struggle getting me there and listen to me cry all the way.  I am such a brat!
But, mom has been letting me go outdoors and play everyday.  She thinks it will help me blow off steam so I won't be naughty when I come inside.  I did scratch and bite her one day which ended up with a big fat infection the next morning.  Mom had to go to the doctor and get  antibiotics and a new tetanus shot.  She was due for one of those shots anyway!
I don't mind if she loves on me when I am trying to eat or waiting at the door to go outside.   She thinks I am totally distracted and not interested in biting.   Going outside and eating are all I have on my mind.

Oh, I have learned a new trick......I can climb up  into the rafters of the studio and walk along all the stringers for a bird's eye view of everything.  I really love to do that.  I think I may have to take up tightrope walking.   I think I would look  pretty cute  in  a tuu tuu!  I would have to find a good color to go with my beautiful calico colors...maybe lavender??  I  hope it wouldn't make me look too fat!

Mom has been busy doing more quilts for Kaffe's next book, some pretty ones coming up.....she even made a couple quilts for herself....not to mention taking a few classes.  Victoria Findlay Wolf was here and  also Denise Oyama Miller.  Denise does great things with layers of fabric and even paper!
I think she should do a little piece with me as the focal point.  Maybe they could hang it in the Museum of Modern Art or even the Louvre!  I think I would make a wonderful subject for a piece of art.  Or maybe she could make a quilt of me hunting....I am still a great hunter, and bring mom a little present now and again.  Mom says  she wishes I had a kitty cam on my head so she can see what I do and where I go all day long.  I am glad I don't, as she may not like what she sees!

Mom and dad had to fly to Michigan for a memorial service for  dad's mother.  Lillian Irish lived 93 years and had a most memorable life.  She had three great children, and worked hard for most of her life, starting in the depression.  People back then sure did have to work hard just to survive.  I am a lucky kitty to have my mom and dad....even though I never let them know with a good snuggle or kitty kiss!

Mom and dad are expecting 12 guests next week....all "family" coming to visit just for a day on their trip to Seattle.  It will be great seeing them.  I hope I don't have to be a nice, sweet kitty.   Mom and dad "adopted" them  over 40 years ago when they came from Viet Nam.   I know mom and dad love them very much, and  really do think of them as family.  Sadly, they live in the Bay Area, so  seeing them does not happen very often.
Mom planted lots of pretty flowers this spring, so the yard looks pretty.   She has to plant them in pots because the snails and slugs eat everything in sight.

Well, mom says I better sign off so she can get to work on a beautiful poppy quilt.  I will try to have her be more faithful to her blog in the future.  She also has to up=date her website, which is even more challenging than working on her blog.  
Hope you all have a great week, and gets lots of quilting done.  

Love from Sparkie,  and mom too!         Ok....where are my pictures.....the computer is not working so I can add pictures.   Dad will have to help tonite. 
We have oodles of pics to post, so will have to do it later.