Friday, December 5, 2014

I'm Baaaack!!! what have I been doing these past months....I have no excuse except being BUSY, BUSY, everyone else...hopefully this will get me back in the mood again.  I also have to work on my website, which is worse than a root canal...ha.   I love to talk to other quilters and post what I am doing, but I have to use the computer, which is always a challenge for me.  And, lately, the computer has been less than cooperative.
So I will post a few words this morning and then get ready for a more faithful posting schedule in the future.
NOTES FROM  SPARKIE.....Hi to all my kitty says I can just write a short note now as she has to get busy in the studio.  Mom says to be sure and let you know that I have been getting sweeter by the day! She has been letting me go outside to play, and I LOVE that!  There is so much to see and do in this big yard.   I love to watch the birds, and hunt for little critters.  Sometimes I get up on the arbor, and then mom or dad have to come and get me down.  Getting up there is no problem, but getting down can be quite a challenge.  I have even stopped chasing mom when she gets into bed.  I know she is happy about that.   And with so many fun things to do outdoors, I have even stopped biting mom so much.....I guess I am maturing!
I think it is getting to be Christmas time again, as I am seeing those pretty decorations starting to appear, and I love to play with them.  I hope they put that pretty tree up in the house again,  so I can climb inside where it is much warmer.
Well, for now I will sign off and let mom get to work.   I hope you will come back soon and check to see what new adventures I have to tell you about.   Have a happy day....Sparkie.
One of Freddy's glorious quilts.

Sunset near Sisters, OR.  We went to the show this year with my friend Mary Eddy.