Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Notes from Sparkie

Hi all my kitty fans!
I have had such a time lately.  Mom has been gone to  a quilt show at the Museum for 4 days and left me all alone all day.  When she got home I had to run around like a  cannonball.   I had to climb up her leg...one of my favorite things to do, and climb up the quilts on the quilt ladder.  I got all the way to the top before the quilt slid off and I fell to the big pile of quilts on the couch near-by.  Mom was not too happy about that adventure.  Yesterday I tried to climb up to the window sill, but the blinds were in the way, so I was hanging by my toenails to the window sill until I finally fell down.  Being a kitten is such hard work, but around here there are so many interesting things to peak my curiosity. 
I found a great little piece of cardboard from the mail package....boy, it that fun to play with.  And mom's pony tail scrunchies are really fun too.  I have found 2 of them, and they are like soft little hockey pucks that I can speed around the wood floor.
Yesterday mom weighed me and I finally reached two pounds.  She was able to put the flea medicine on that the VET gave her.  And now she is  talking about another visit to that VET for more shots.  I hope that needle is smaller than the last time.  I wonder how many more visits to the VET for shots I will have.
I spent this morning snuggled under mom's chin purring in her ear....she loves that.  I have her fooled.  I get all snuggly, and then I run around like crazy getting into all kinds of things.   How can she get mad at such a cute and snuggly kitty? 
Well, mom will have to write about her MQX adventures in the next blog.  I will try to post some more pictures this morning.  I couldn't get anything to work last time I tried.  Mom is going to feed the fish on her way to the studio....I have not yet been outside....I am sure there are plenty of things to entertain me out there.  I hope you all have fun with your cats and dogs today.   We love to make you happy and entertained.  Love   from  Sparkie.
 These are some shots of of the quilt I did of my dad and nephew.  My nephew is over 40 years old now. I entered this quilt in the La Conner show.  It was my first attempt at a person type pictorial.  I used the photo because I wanted it to look really "real".  It took me about 6 months to make this quilt.....of course, it had been started several times over the last 15 years!  I am going to do one of my mom next.

 Who is that cute kitty?  She looks like she if full of mischief to me.
 I took a very fun class, actually two, from Claudia Pfeil of Germany.   She was loads of fun, and had some great ideas and gave me lots of inspiration to try some new things. 

This is one of Claudia's samples....the paisley above she did in class and attached the little mirror with the long-arm.  I love taking classes and getting some new ideas, or getting the inspiration to find the time to try things that have been rolling around in my head for a long time.  You are never too old to learn.

Oh, the most exciting thing was that I got a 3rd place ribbon at the MQX show.   I was especially thrilled since I am probably one of the oldest long-armers still at it, and have a 16 year old Gammill with no stitch regulator.   There is always hope!  I thought it was fun to win over lots of those fancy computerized machines!

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