Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guild Day today!

One of the last Lone Stars I quilted for Freddy...beautiful!!!

Fun thread pic of a few of the threads I used this last couple weeks.
Freddy's fun is that one??
Tommy Boy in his favorite posing...sleeping. ha...
Good morning is our Camano Island Guild meeting..the day meeting, that is! We are going to have Quilt University, where several of us will demo various techniques we use in quilting. I am going to demo how to use Angelina fiber. It is fun to use....give it a try if you have never used it. You can do some fun things with it, and it adds sparkle and dimension to your art quilts. It can look like water, snow, or anything else you want to spark up in your project.
I finished the last of Freddy's quilts yesterday. I will get more after my trip to Michigan, I suppose. I love to work on hers, they keep me smiling and cheerful with all those colors and shapes. Now I have a pile of charity quilts to do, as well as one for Kaffe and Liza as soon as the backing arrives.
I think we had frost this morning, if not, it sure looks cold out there. The frogs have been croaking so loud you can hear them all the way inside the house with all the noise of tv or radio going! There is a bullfrog adding to the chorus, so they sound very professional! I love to hear them, as it means spring may be coming. More rain yesterday, and more coming. I think we are about to float away.
Now I am working on things to mail to Grand Rapids for teaching. I will bring some of my Dazzling Doodle books for the girls to buy if they wish....and all my handouts for class. It will be so much fun to teach there. I am really looking forward to it, and meeting all those new machine quilters!
Well, I better get all my "stuff" gathered up for my demo, and get going. Hope you all have a fun day, and get lots accomplished....I hope to start a new quilt using Sara Nephew's new mini triangle ruler....peacocks....yeah! Then I can quilt peacock feathers all over the place...have a great day...jude

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