Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sew Day with Opal!

What a cute boy....this is my Tommy Boy, doing what he loves best...sleeping!
You can almost see bottom by my mailing center....I hope to re-paint the little stand to the left.

The fish are waking up for the season...but it is still too early to feed them, poor guys!
Freddy's happy collage quilts..they are so colorful and cheerful....have a great day!!
Oh, today should be fun, as my quilting buddy Opal is coming to quilt with me. She is going to machine quilt on my fabulous Juki, while I work on my long-arm doing one of Freddy's collage quilts. I even cleaned my studio a bit by the door, so I can actually get into my shipping center! WOW, a miracle!! I had fun teaching yesterday at Pacific Fabric, two classes back to back on machine quilting. We had a great time, and the gals did really well with the quilting.
Friday I am doing a machine quilting demo at Bill's Janome shop...Smokey Point Sew and Vac.
That is always fun, and there is a great Janome I want to get some day for classes, very light weight and it even has a thread cutter button....I love those thread choppers!
Well, gotta get going and get Freddy's quilt up so I can get those collaged flowers stitched...Freddy has an exhibition coming up in a few weeks. I hope you all have a fun day whatever you are doing....judy

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  1. Love the happy collage quilt! Tommy Boy is one handsome Mancat. Have a good weekend!