Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Michigan, Here We Come!

MICK DUNN'S quilt...Mick gave me the privilege of quilting her beautiful quilt she started in Margaret Miller's class...gorgeous....we each got a first place ribbon at QA quilt show.
I took that kinda blurry picture of a blue flower at Opal's house. Not sure what kind it it!
Just a shot of the Big Mac bridge that connects the lower peninsula to the UP......a beautiful part of the USA.
Hi all....well, today is the big day....flying out on the red-eye to Grand Rapids. Big 90th birthday party for my mom-in-law, teaching, and visiting cousins, friends, and a college friend from MSU.
It has been about 48 years since Lottie and I have seen each other. Boy, does the time fly. It should be great fun to catch up on 48 years.
I am looking forward to teaching two classes with a total of about 50 quilters. How fun is that going to be?? I love to hear the hum of those machines all making beautiful designs.
Of course, we have to drive to Mackinaw City by way of Traverse City, and home past our old cabin...which was totally torn down the last time we stopped by. Just a vacant lot. It was enough to make me cry. To think our family built the cabin board by board, and brick by brick.
Hoping maybe another cabin has been built for another family to enjoy.
We hope our Tommy Boy holds out well while we are gone. He is back on insulin, a tiny dose this time, and our wonderful neighbor will cat-sit for him.
Well, packing is about finished...all I have to do is get ready to meet Susan for a ride to Mukilteo Quilt Guild tonite. We are taking Colleen Wise to dinner. She is our speaker and a fabulous quilter and fun teacher. Check her out on-line. Then Ken will pick me up at the meeting about 9pm and off we go to Sea-Tac....oh, boy. I love all those lines and the security check!! Flying is not much fun anymore. We just have one stop in Minneapolis and then on to GR. Hope you all have fun these next few days. Even though I will be having fun quilting and eating whitefish in MI, I will miss my guild's studio tour and retreat....will write you a report about MI when I get back....judy