Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quilters' Anonymous Quilt Show

My koi challenge in friend Mick Dunn's poppies...she pieced and I quilted ooh la la lone star with fun fabric, and the last one is a great pepper made by one of our members...just a taste of some of the quilts!

Hi Bloggers....well, what a weekend. We had our guild quilt show, and it was really something. This year we held the show in the new building at the Monroe Fairgrounds...and what a fabulous building it was!
The windows let in all that glorious light...notice I did not say sunlight! Well, we did have some sun on Friday! The quilts were so colorful, creative, and inspiring. I came home with some ideas for many more quilts than I will ever have time to create. Of course the vendors were great. We found some Marsha Derse fabric...check it out. And I even got an honorable mention for my koi quilt in the color challenge. The challenge quilts were phenomenal, so getting a ribbon was really an honor. I had fun doing a machine quilting demo on a little featherweight machine....just like magic!!
Had such a good time Friday, that my friend Opal and I had to come back to make sure we didn't miss anything, including voting for our favorite quilts. Well, suffice it to say, you all must have guild shows, I hope you enjoy yours and enter your work for others to see. I think I will have to go to bed and ponder all those quilts in my dreams! More later...judy

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  1. Marcia Derse designs some awesome fabric! I was lucky enough to tour her studio last year. I'm a huge fan of hers.