Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Apartment Available

Here is a bird's nest already to go for some lucky bird...we had snow flurries again today...leaving a slushy mess, so I guess we won't have any new tenants for awhile. Maybe they won't use the same next two years in a row!
This is a piece of fabric I dyed for my guild challenge. We picked a color ship...I chose blue/green. We could also use tints and shades of the complement. This will be the background. I guess you have figured out I hope to make koi and water lilies...we will see how it turns out. I may spray some darker blue green dye in the lower right corner...just a taste!
Oh, Stephie..another winner. Stephie will be posting the whole quilt on her blog I think...check it out. It is for a challenge.
Well, today we had some slushy snow flurries and cold weather. I am getting ready for some sunshine and warm weather. I miss feeding my koi. I even miss going out in the snow and feeding the alpacas and goats...well, maybe a little bit.
I met a great gal on the phone yesterday....Julie, from Florida....she is going to send me a quilt inspired by the fabulous red and white show from New York last spring. It was fun chatting with here...we discovered we are both Michiganders and love to travel, and quilt, of course. Quilting is the BEST for meeting wonderful people. We have grand opportunities to make friends all over the world, and are even blessed by meeting in person sometimes. I would love to meet Julie! And then I met Jean from Jeancreates...she has a great blog, too.
Well, I have been working on a floral quilt for my friend, Mick....another great quilter. Yesterday I spent most of the day working on my wholecloth thread play for the guild show. I still have lots to do, but it is finally getting near done. Then just the color challenge!
Well, guess I better eat some leftover spaghetti for lunch and get back to work. Too much to do and to little time.....have a great day....jude

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  1. I love that orange/blue quilt! Complementary colors -- so happy! Thanks for the shout out again! Our wee bit of snow melted, but rumor has it that it will be back... ugh...

    It's March already... Where has time gone?