Monday, February 20, 2012

Is it Spring Yet......

Greetings! I keep hoping for spring, and it never seems to get here. The sunny days here have been few and far between, and once in awhile when the weather gets up to 50 I get all do the koi. I see my fish coming to the top hoping for some fish kibble to drop in their little mouths. They have a long wait till April at least!
Our neighbor's new little black lab puppy is getting big...he is too fat now to squeeze through the fencing. His tail wags fast, like an airplane propeller. He is cute, and named Zorro, appropriate for a black dog, I think.
I have been busy quilting and actually finished one of mine today...the quilting part, that is. Tomorrow I will have to sleeve it and get the binding on. It is for the QA show in March. I still have one whole one to start and finish, and one small wall hanging to finish quilting. At least I know what the not started one is going to be in my head!
I finished all of Freddy Moran's pieces that I had, and some others that were waiting. A couple weekends ago a few of us went to Cannon Beach, OR for a Barbara Shapel workshop...a mystery quilt. It was water lilies, which was what I was hoping for. Now all I have to do is get the back ready and quilt the two together. That will have to wait for some other things to get done first.
The weather was great, and I got to walk out to the big Haystack Rock and see star fish stuck to the sides of the rocks in the tidepool. I had never seen that before, and it was quite wonderful. The sunsets were beautiful. Of course we had to check out the Center Diamond Quilt shop, which has the most fabulous, funky fabric, and oodles of batiks. Check out her website for yourself.
I had fun teaching at the Mt. Si quilt shop in North Bend, WA last weekend. What a great shop...lots of fabulous fabric. I hope to go back there in a couple months to teach some more classes. They will be posted on my website, as well as my blog if all goes well!
Today we had a suprise birthday party for my friend Liz.....she is ????? years old.....young.....we all made her a block for a remembrance. Now she can finishs the quilt for the Busy Bee Show in July.
Well, that is about all I have been up to lately....I just had to go on-line for some red velvet cake is my turn for treats tomorrow nite at guild. If they turn out wonderful, I will take a picture and post it next the meanwhile, I hope you all have a great week....happy quilting.... Judy

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