Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun with Freddy Moran

Freddy teaching at Aunt Mary's.

Freddy's string quilt..it is fabulous!!
Me with Freddy! I plan to use this green leaf as an inspiration for my challenge quilt. I took lots of leaf pix at Fred Meijer Garden Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Hi at last......where does the time go?? Too much work to do and not enough time. We have been trying to get all the winter chores done...getting the fish ready for bed and the goats a little better shelter for the winter. I think everything is pretty well battened down for now. We have even had several good frosts...scraping the car windows type frosts....which I don't like, but that means spring is just around several corners!

What a great time we had with Freddy Moran when she came to teach at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop. Freddy was her usual sparkling and fun self. We had three days to play with lots of techniques from her new book, Freddy and Gwen Collaborate Again. In fact, Gwen is with Freddy now in CA where they are creating some wonderful new quilts for another book....maybe string quilts or who knows what wonderful surprises they will come up with. They will surely have fun in the process.

I made a whole lone star quilt, as well as parts to two other quilts. I am working with a lot of orange in one, and can't wait to get that one done. I found the most fabulous Michael Miller fabric with oranges and polka dots...what a find!!! It will be perfect for a border...I wasn't planning much of a border originally, but this is too good to pass up, and will look fun and happy in the quilt.

Now I want to make about 3 more lone stars. I have the fabric already picked out, and it is from my stash...even better.

Freddy inspired me to apply to teach at Asilomar, which I must get busy and do. There are always those pesky deadlines to deal with. I would also like to apply to teach at The Road to California. That would be great fun I think. So, I have to get on the ball and get going. There is also a Machine Quilting show on the east coast I would like to try for, and now they are going to have a show in Portland....MQX. Check it out on the web.

Well, time is a flying by, and I have to get into the studio...shame on me for not writing sooner, it just seems like finding time for everything is getting harder and harder. I am hoping that after vacation, Quiltfest, and Freddy, things will even out and my old routine will return. I hope you all are finding time for everything, especially creating some new quilts. This year I hope to get at some projects that have been in utero for some years! I will post some pix from my recent activities....have a great day! judy

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  1. Welcome back Judy. We've missed you. Nice quilts! The Blog Guru!