Monday, November 16, 2009

Rainy Day...again!

Hi dear quilters....

It is already nearing Thanksgiving, and I am soooo behind. It has been way too long since I have written....this time of year not much goes on except quilting. It is too wet and cold to work in the yard. The fish are supposed to be sleeping, except today I noticed about half of them were near the top and looking for food. They have a long wait till May, or if they are lucky, maybe April. I miss seeing them and feeding their happy little mugs. The Goatgirls seem fine....when I try feeding them, they are good at knocking the scoop out of my hand and wasting their food. We fixed their shelter to try to waterproof it a bit more. But since they are critters, I have to remember that they are probably pretty warm even in the rainy weather. I fixed their house with some nice clean straw, which they promptly dragged outside onto the grass.! Goats are silly litle critters...but I am definitely attached to them.

I taught a couple classes my Asian pattern, or I should say a pattern designed with Asian fabric in mind...but anything would work. The girls did a great job. One new quilter got her top all pieced in the one day class. Then, my mystery quilt was great fun, with 11 gals all hanging out and piecing. We did some funky techniques and the girls put their own blocks together in their own way. I love to teach things like pattern, and no plan. I know it can drive some people coo coo....but that is my favorite way to work.

I also did a couple more Freddy style pieces...bright colors, of course. I will post my last one, and get the others done, so I can post them, as well. My patterns are for sale, and even some of my quilts. I should post some of them, so you can see what is available.

I hope you all are having a great fall, and thinking about Thanksgiving. My brother and his wife will visit us....other than that, we have no family near by. You should feel very happy and blessed if you have a big family to share Thanksgiving with this year.

My goal is to get busy and dig out a whole big section of the studio. I plan to put in a rack to hold several rolls of batting. It is getting way out of hand...all the batting, not to mention all the scraps. I have to get busy and donate some more. I use some of the off-cuts for wall-hangings and small projects. I want to make a few more lone stars....I think I have a bee in my bonnet for lone stars right now!

Freddy and Gwen are sending more quilts for a new book, so that will keep me busy. I have been trimming 1 1/2" selveges from fabric to use in a selvage quilt. Freddy inspired me to finish one. I have been collecting for a few years, and better get busy. I did do one block.

Well, not much other news. Just have to get busy and plan classes for next quarter at the local shops. Of course, machine quilting will be one class. I have some other ideas, like maybe lone stars!

Will try to be more faithful with the blogging...and trying to figure out if someone writes me. I am having a hard time figuring out the Facebook thing. I just don't have enough hours in the day to do all that computer stuff! Have a great week, and I will write later....Judy

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