Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LaConner Quiltfest 2009

Beautiful seacape...not sure of the artist...but is was spectacular!
Kathy McNeil's sea otter cute. This is just a detail!

A detail of Anna Fustino's Fisherman's widows quilt. Partly painted and beautifully pieced!
Check out her book....Simply Stunning Woven Quilts
This quilt was truly unbelievable...the last name of the artist was Thom. What a masterpiece!

Well, the show is over! We had a smashing success at the 2009 Quiltfest in La Conner. We are soooo blessed to have this great museum in our midst here in the Pacific Northwest. There are only a dozen or so such museums in the whole country
The quilts on display were fabulous and certainly gave each viewer plenty of inspiration and enjoyment. These quilts had all been ribbon winners in a juried show, guild show, or regional fair. There were some by Kathy McNeil.... I especially love her monkeys and the sea otters. Then some great comtemorary type quilts that were ablaze in color and texture with threadwork and other embellishments. One seascape was especially fun and loaded with embellishments and such.

Not to mention the two with geckos or lizards....I am not a biologist! But suffice it to say, the beadwork was truly unbelievable. Next year we will be celebrating applique. If you get the chance to take classes or come see the show, you must come!

I was privileged to teach 2 classes at Quiltfest this on weaving fabric/collage, and another called Bag of Tricks, with some fun things and products to try when making contemporary/art type quilts.

The vendors had the usual wonderful array of goodies....marbled fabric, beads, Hawaiian and other applique, and fabric, of course. Even the weather cooperated.

I can't wait for next year!
SuSan Reidel was our show chair, and her wonderful husband prepared a yummy lunch for the vendors, volunteers, and students....just so we wouldn't starve! Cheesecake anyone???

Check out the LaConner Quilt and Textile Museum website for next year...they are already beginning to post things for that show. In the meantime, happy quilting.

And even more excitement!! Freddy Moran is coming to town. She will be at Aunt Mary's Quilt shop teaching and inspiring us with her colorful and whimsical style. Welcome, Freddy!

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