Saturday, November 30, 2013

More Notes from Sparkie

Dear Kitty has been a busy several days.  It is hard to  find time to do all the things I love to run around the house like I am possessed,  climb on top of the quilt ladder, jump several feet from the bed to the window sill, or fly around the  living room jumping on everything that I can.
Sometimes I like to fool mom by hiding.  Today she was calling me and looking all over for me....finally she found me hiding in her big blue denim bag.  I haven't hidden in there for several weeks, so it was funny when she found me peeking out at her.  It is so much fun to try to fool her with some of my tricks.
I like to sit nice and cozy on mom's lap, and then just take a chomp on her hand or toes.  One day I took a big chomp right on her nose.   Mom didn't think that was very funny at all.   I don't know why she got upset.  I can't climb up her pant legs anymore, so I have to find something to amuse myself!
I am almost too big to run between the washer and dryer,  too.  I will soon 5 pounds.  Mom says I get a special visit to the vet when I am over 5 pounds....for a snip-snip operation.  I wonder just what that is.  Maybe I will get a treat afterwards.
Mom says I am looking more like a cat than  a kitten, but I am still cute.  At night I like to curl up on mom's hand and sleep till I get bored.   Then I like to play and chew on her fingers.  Mom doesn't like that.  But I am so cute, she lets me stay up on the bed anyway.
Pretty soon mom  and dad might put up a Christmas tree, but I heard them talking  that maybe they shouldn't do that this year, cuz I might try to climb up to the top and play with  all the ornaments.  I hope they put up the tree, cuz I would like to see what a Christmas tree is.  I don't know what these things called ornaments are.  I wonder if  they taste good. 
Well, I guess I better let mom tell you what she did this week, and then it will be time for bed.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  I know I am thankful that I got such   a wonderful mom and dad to adopt me, even if I am a naughty girl sometimes.

Hi fellow quilters.....well, as you can see, that rascally cat has been keeping us busy.  I have to admit she is pretty funny at times.  I have lots of pictures to prove it!
This week was Thanksgiving, and we went to my brother's in Graham, about 1 and 1/2 hours away.  It was dry so driving was fine, and the traffic was very light.  I guess everyone was shopping when we drove home that evening.  Lots of stores were loaded with cars.
We had a nice big ham with potatoes and all the usual trimmings.  Everything tasted yummy.  We had fun reminiscing about  the days of our youth and some of the things we did way back then.
Had fun at a few fabric sales, and today made about 5 table runners/toppers.  I made mostly Christmas themed ones, but also a couple with sunflowers.  They turned out pretty neat.  I will post them as soon as I get the pictures in the computer.  I had planned to clean a few things in the studio, but the piecing got the better of me...there is always another day for  cleaning.  Lots of tops to get quilted in the next few   weeks, so have to keep at that. 
Ken took the last waterfall pump out of the pond, and lowered  it a foot or more for the coming rains.  It is also supposed  to get very cold again next week.   Can't wait for spring!
Well, guess I better go find that silly Sparkie girl.  Maybe I can coax her onto my lap for awhile.
I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day, too.   Tomorrow is church already, and  there will be  lots to
do this week.   Best wished in the coming days during this busy season....Love from  Judy and her Sparkie girl.
PS...still got so much to learn on my new magic phone.  Today I tried to email someone, but that did not work came back to does that happen??
 Freddy Moran's latest quilt....really neat with fabulous colors as usual.
 Shirley brought this yummy pumpkin  pie  to our last sew-in.

Suzanne Kalish made this beautiful Kaffe quilt in our Saturday class.

See how cute I am?  How could anyone get upset with such a cute face as this?


  1. Suzanne's quilt is beautiful! And no, I wouldn't be able to say no to dat cute widdle face.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Judy! I hope you enjoyed the holidays! My name is Heather and I have a question about your blog! Please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)