Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hi Gals...today is a big work day for me....I have a great big quilt on the frame made by one of my students.  She did some amazing quilting on it with Northwest type fish and animals.  She is very creative.  I will post some pix next time.  Her name is Dawn, and she takes my classes at Gathering Fabric.  We have class again this Saturday, so my hope was to get it done before then....I should finish by tonite I hope.
Miss Sparkie is still full of the dickens....chasing around the house like a maniac, and still biting her mom.  I guess she is teething!  She is about 3.5 pounds I think.  Tomorrow is Vet day so we will know for sure.
I think I will have the Vet clip her nails.  I tried and it is so hard.  I  get one or two per foot, and give up.  She is so wiggly and doesn't like to see me coming with that nail clipper.

I can't even remember if I told you about our retreat....we had a great time, and I made about 3 tops and did a few other things.  The girls did some fantastic projects, and we ate way too well.   This is a great retreat center near Mount Vernon, WA.  We plan another retreat this spring and again next fall.
Our winter weather seems to be starting with cold and rainy gray days.  The sun did break through a couple days ago. 
Oh, my big news...I got a MAGIC PHONE...I guess they are really called smart phones, but they are like magic to me.  I cannot believe all the things you can do with that little tiny phone you hold in your hand.  It is almost scarey!   I have soooo much to learn, and doubt if I will ever use all that it can do.  But I mostly love taking pictures on it, which is what made me decide to get one in the first place!
Now I gotta figure out how to get the pictures into the computer so I can share them on my blog...maybe you can do that from the phone too....amazing.
Well, gotta get moving.....have a great day.  Judy
 One of the tops I made at retreat.  I have added more borders, so will post another pic later.
 Sparkie working at the computer.  She likes to write on her blog.
 Opal's Edrica Huwes type  collage.....Freddy has done lots of this style too.
Our blocks at retreat for  the quilt we donate to the camp.  We just have to finish putting blocks together now.
NOTES FROM SPARKIE.....Hi all my kitty fans.   I hope you are doing fine...I know I am!  I have been  doing lots of running around the house lately....mom says I have been naughty.  I finally pulled down the quilt hanging over the chair in the living room.  Mom said she was surprised it took me so long.  I have figured out lots of new tricks in the past couple weeks....and can keep mom and dad busy trying  stop me from climbing up on top of things.  Mom says I go to the VET tomorrow for my last shots.  I don't like that, but when mom puts me in that little red carry thing, off we go.  I am too big to hang upside down in there now.  Mom says I will be making a special trip soon for a snip-snip....what does that mean??  
I will be glad when I don't have to see that VET so often.  Maybe when I get older I won't have to go so often.
Well, mom has to get to work, so I guess I better try to entertain her with one more trick.....sometimes I like to curl up under her chin just before she leaves...she says I look sooooo cute.    If you make lots of mischief, you have to at least look really CUTE!!    love, from Sparkie

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