Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Released from the Vortex it is...the masterpiece of the age!
Julie should be sooooo proud of this one.  I had my hubby and friend  Roger holding the quilt, and if you look closely, you can see their shadows behind the quilt.   I was wondering if I ever would get it done, but what a masterpiece in the end.   Julie is the master piecer, by hand, no less.  She is moving to CT where she will join my old neat is that??
  Since then I have done a couple little floral quilts and  piece another lonestar. 
Yesterday I was teaching and doing a trunk show in Blaine, WA...what a great group of gals.  We did three different things in class....lone stars, machine quilting and weaving...what fun we had.  The gals did some fabulous    piecing and machine quilting.  One weaving was great, and she even used Kaffe fabric for her floral collage.  It never ceases to amze me how creative quilters can be.  It is always such a privilege to try to encourage them to let loose and just have fun with their projects.
Today I tried to figure out my website, but I think they changed the format again...just like the blog, which took me forever to figure out a little bit.  I think someone sits in those offices and dreams up ways to torture all of us computer challenged  people.  It doesn't seem should be easier than that.  That is why my website is never up to date....poor me....
I had fun a few weeks ago blowing a glass float at the art center in friend's son was working there, and he helped me along with another glass blower.  It was something I always wanted to I can mark that off my list!  Maybe I should to post on my website for future things to do.   My friend Jan just called and gave me some help  so hopefully I can get into the website and  add some classes and things.
The weather   has been pretty nearly perfect, and the fish are happily eating their new food.  Floosie is getting so big...she is nearly as big as Marilyn...she has red lips like lipstick, so I call her Floosie.  (She could be a boy, as I am not sure how to tell fish boys from fish girls...ha)
I can't even remember if I wrote about saying good bye to our Tommy Boy cat....we had to take him to the vet...he was just too sick....we brought him back home for a proper burial in our orchard where he loved to hunt gophers by the hour.    We might get another kitty later, but not for awhile.  I went to the animal shelter and looked for a dog with my friend....oh, my......cats galore.  There were sleeping in piles.  They were all so  cute.
My newest lonestar is food and chef fabric...just a crazy collection of fabric just for fun.  I finished one I tried to reproduce from one of Freddy's with no was a challenge and had a gazillion pieces per block.  I only made a smallish one with 5 big blocks and 4 quarter and 4 half blocks.  It was fun, but a pain with all those little pieces...turned out pretty neat.  I will post a picture soon.
Well, guess I better get going to the website and see if Jan's directions make sense to me and the computer.....have a great, jude


  1. yahooo!!!!! That is a beaut!!! here is the address for the quilt store I told you about. If you order use my name and e mail and I get a credit....PS I just ordered a "few" yards myself :) LOL My email is in the book I don't have to give it to the world :) check out Clearance.

  2. Lovely Judy, congratulations! And thank you again for coming way up north - we had a great time in your workshop. I hope to be down for a visit soon, with a finished project!