Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Monday Morning

Hi gals....hope everyone is having a great day.  We actually had some rain last night, which we badly need.  Our grass is pretty brown and the  ground is very dry.  All we have is a million dandelions growing about a foot grass around, too dry! 
We did work on the edge of the pond over the weekend, and got some stepping stones and small river rock spread out.  It looks much better than the 3 foot tall weeds of last spring.  We laid down 2 layers of commercial weed cloth and a piece of outdoor carpet under, if the weeds make it through all that, I guess they deserve to live!
THis was the weekend we had the raku party at the beach.  My friend Roger Cocke is a potter, and their group does a raku burn every September at the beach.  It is lots of fun, and the pot I made actually came out pretty neat.  It looks like an old weathered metallic pot....last year I did fish.  Next year I will have to try something else. 
THis morning I will try to finish my copy of Freddy's last quilt.  I am half done.  It is a very busy quilt, but I love it.  I also started Imari Plate from Kaffe's  Swedish book...looks pretty neat.  I am waiting for some fabric from Liza so I can get onto the next borders.  I will be using it to teach in  a couple weeks.  I am also reading his autobiography....a fun read....Dreaming in Color.  Gosh, did I lead a dull life.

Well, off to work, hope you all have a great day.....judy

Just to let you know what the pix are....loading the kiln, bottom is one of the great fish that a potter named Mary makes...they are fabulous.  A view of the beautiful beach area, and some foil wrapped pots waiting for the sagir fire.  Once the pots are taken from the kiln, they are put directly into pots with newpaper and straw or such...cover with the lid, and let cook!!...Well, you let them burn a bit and the special glazes oxidize and do all sorts of fun things....hopefully turning out like the beautiful fish. 
Top quilt is the start of my Imari plate from Kaffe's Quilts from Sweden.  I hope you are making something fun today.


  1. I like your Imari Plate so far... I can't wait to see it when completed. I love the Raku finishes... I love how the glazes change in the process. the shiny metallic feel and variations... so cool!

  2. Looks like fun to me :) I just discovered that the good folks in San Diego are having a quilt show for me!! Well maybe it's a stretch to say it is just for me??? I am glad I will be down there shop hopping and attending the show. Putting last minute beading bling on a gift for my Cuz. working on the Mermaid woven quilt will be on hold for awhile.
    Vickie Van