Monday, October 31, 2011

Frogs in the Filter

One of the great and colorful lonestars being created in class. THis one from my class in CT.

My very organized shelves of color fabric! I do have some method to my madness!

Leftover binding pieces in a can use them for other quilts...they don't always have to match.

SOme of the pond pipes etc. that the frogs went through....our new UV filter is there too.

One of my 16 lonestars...this one is chickens, of course!

Good morning all.....

Another gray day in WA, with no sun in sight. Thankfully I am not still in CT where my friends and family are buried in a foot of snow with virtually no power or phones. I remember those days only too well, and am so glad I have moved out here, where snow is not such a problem!

We have been getting ready to put the fish to bed for the winter....they are no longer fed, and mostly just hanging around below the surface in suspended animation! I cannot feed them till next April or May. It is quite amazing how they hibernate all winter long.

My hubby was checking the pump filter last week, the water was running slower than usual.....imagine his surprise when he opened the pump filter to find 3 BIG frogs packed in there! It gave him quite a shock, and when he dumped them out, off they hopped. That had to have been some wild ride for them....over the waterfall, down the stream, another waterfall, to the bottom of the big pond, then into the bottom drains....known as the koi toilets!!, and then through the 4" pipes, up about 5 feet into 2" pipes and through the flapper into the I get worn out just thinking about it. I cannot believe they survived. They were only in there no more than a week, as we checked it a week before finding them. I hope they don't do the same silly trick again. Now we will disconnect most of the equipment and put it in the barn for the winter. Maybe this coming spring we will get some baby koi at last. I would love to have some "born" in our pond.

Well, other than frog stories, I haven't got much to report...just finished the last of the Kaffe Fassett books, so you can be on the lookout for them in the near future. I still have about 5 more to do for Freddy Moran....bright and colorful, of course, and then all the others lined up. Right now Stephanie's big pink elephant is nearing completion....she has been enamoured of the block letters pieced into quilts of late. This is a totally fun quilt and BIG at that. I have started 3 more lone stars, and taught a class Saturday with 11 gals. They had great fabric, so it will be quite a collection of lonestars when they are all finished. IT would make a great show.

In the meantime, today more quilting and making some applesauce for the freezer is on my schedule...hope you get lots done today,, judy

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