Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back from MQX

This quilt was done on a Bernina and Best of Show....little tea pots quilted in, tiny little stitching in the background areas...applique and a3-D bows on the little spoons...how cute it was...ILOVED this one, even though it is not my type as a rule....The quilter did a fabulous job.

This piece was very wide and not so tall, with all little people appliqued and looking at quilts which were all little mini pieced quilts...what an effort...wow....I can't believe people can make such creative and wonderful pieces. I can't get into the applique thing, but sure am impressed by those who do.

Close-ups of Dusty's dragon koi....so neat....small but threadwork was fantastic. He also taught the class on glow in the dark thread. That was fun to see, too.

Hi all....finally back to business after spending 4 days at MQX...the machine quilting conference in Portland. Saw a few old friends, and took about 5 classes. I especially enjoyed the one I took from Norma Riehm....she makes fun pieces with black tulle on top and fun stuff in between the quilt and tulle. Even better if you like to embellish!

Sue Patten's ZenSuedles was fun....I even had to mark a quilt..yikes. I never mark, but now have a piece to quilt when the opportunity presents itself. It gave me some inspiration to get going on my own pieces, and some ideas for Asilomar when I teach there in June.

I stayed with my friend Desma in Rainier, OR. We had a great time at the conference, including buying some yummy donuts at VooDoo Donuts near the convention center.....way too yummy, and fattening. I couldn't eat them too often.

THere was a gift show going on next to our conference, so I got some great scarves really cheap, and great watch...red, white and blue, of course! I hope they are there next year, too. It reminded me of all the great gift shows I went to at Jacob Javitz in New York City with my boss at Connecticut Memories. Lots of goodies there, and so much eye candy!

The quilts at the show in Portland were fabulous, and beautifully quilted...some on domestic machines, including the best of show. It surely does make you want to go home a create your masterpiece. I will try to post some for you to see...I likely won't know the maker, but rest assurred...I did not make them! Hope you get some quilting time in this week, too.....love, jude

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