Thursday, April 7, 2011

Studio, Quiltshow, and Stuff

See, some of my Kaffe stash. I had to sort it out some after finishing the diamonds last week. Now I plan to do one from the Provance book...Mexican should be pretty and fun. Nice and cheery fabric. Who would't love that Micahel Miller Orange and polka dot fabric...that is one of favorite all time pieces. I guess I should have bought the whole bolt. But I still have some in reserve for a couple more projects. Next is Stephie...holding some of her things, and smiling. She is such a great friend to have come and sew. I hope you checked her blog about her last trip. Stephanie Kwiltz. She will give you lots of inpiration. Well, today we worked on getting our Camano Quilt show hung for today and tomorrow. We got the studio sale ready. That is our flea market so to speak. You bring stuff, and change it for other people's stuff! Oh, I even swept the floor the other day in my studio. As you can see, it got swept, but still needs to go in the garbage can. Another thing I have been doing is quilting on my featherweight. I am practicing for the cruise where I will teach quilting on the featherweight. All you need to do is put an index card over the feed dogs...just poke a hole for the needle, and use a free motion foot....and quilt away. It works great as you can see. Well, gotta go and quilt on Kaffe's quilt for an hour or so....will write more about our quilt show. Hope you are enjoying your local quilt shows and getting lots of inspiration from them....have a great day. Judy

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  1. LOVE YOU!!!! Glad you stopped cleaning, I was getting worried! :)