Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Off to the Big Apple and CT

This is my second try...the first time I bumped a key and posted....I just can't get the hang of this blog stuff. I have totally given up on

facebook. This is my kitty ....Tommy Boy. What a handsome fellow, and a real character, to boot. He came with the house, and the older he gets the lazier he is. He mostly sleeps and eats...except when he takes a notion to whine to go outside at 5 in the morning. He does catch gophers, so he is a good hunter. I wish I could train him to pull dandelions and other weeds.

Today I leave for CT and New York. I will be teaching at the City Quilter in New York, so will be sure to get some pix of that fabulous shop.

It looks like the cruise to Alaska is moving along fine. I hope some of you will be able to come along with us. It is a featherweight cruise, and you can check it out at the Parkland Parish website. They are a great shop in Tacoma, WA. Sorry, but my blog skills are not good enough to post a link. I did once, but that was when Sharon was here to help!

I have been madly trying to get the book quilts out before leaving, but still have several more to go. Freddy Moran sent several and Kaffe and Liza too. They are really neat ones. Freddy is using lots of Kaffe fabric lately. I am starting a new kaffe quilt from the Provence is called Mexican Party...and very fun and colorful. JUst my style.

I have begun to feed the koi once in awhile. Our weather is still pretty cool, but the water temp is up around 50, so that should be pretty safe for them to eat. I hope by the time I get home from back east, the weather will be warm enough to feed them daily. I love to feed and watch them.

I am working on another lone star, cowboy style this time. I will post a picture of it as I finish it. I plan to use it in CT when I teach the lone star there. I am also working on another lone star with funky Paris is very fun...Timeless Treasures I think. It will give me a chance to put lots of funky fun colors together in the star points. I think I will make more pieces in each segment of the star, and use the Paris fabric for the background pieces.

Well, guess I better get back to packing for the big trip. FLying can be such a hassle these days. I am taking the red eye, so I don't waste a day flying. In the meantime I hope you all have a fun couple weeks enjoying spring, if ever it gets here.....judy


  1. Hi JUDY! My Friend Dorothy, told me you were coming to NY! Not sure I could get into your class a this point, But maybe a cup of tea and a visit? I live in the garment district..(fun shopping!) where are you staying?

  2. Love the quilts. I just finished my first kaffe quilt. It turned out beautiful in spite of me. My next big quilt is going to be with the 30's prints so thanks for the pictures.