Monday, December 21, 2009

OH, NO....more critters!!

Hi long since I have written. Guess too much is going on at this time of the year. A week ago Saturday we got two new critters......2 alpacas. They are soooo cute, but love to steal the goats' food. It is quite a feat to get them all fed without the alpacas stealing the food.

Our friends at Over the Rainbow fabric....check out their website on my favorites...don't know how to put the link in the body of the letter!!.....gave us two little alpacas. They had names, but I think I will rename them Curley and Moe....or maybe Moe will be Nosey, which he is!

I feel sorry for them out in the rain. And we even had zero weather for about 3 days, but all the critters did just fine...I even found water buckets with heat in the bottom so the buckets of water did not freeze. It is amazing the fun stuff you can find at the farm store!

I will post the pix of the boys...the alpacas.

Now I am working on Christmas cards and some quilt projects. Hopefully, over the holidays, I will have time to do some really heavy organizing and cleaning in the studio.

Our new computer would not connect to the internet, and after much ado about nothing, we finally gave up and got a different one. Hopefully my hubby can get this one hooked up. I think the first one was hexed.

We had 3" of snow, but it melted off in the rain the very next day....yeah!! Then the weather warmed up and the koi started to come up to the top of the pond. Well, those poor guys will be waitng to April to be matter how sad their little eyes are.

I still hope to do some baking yet this week...have you ever heard of banket...a dutch almond pastry yummy. I should post the recipe. Ken made 17 pounds of fruitcake...he is famous for it. We have used the recipe for almost 45 years. I found it in the newspaper when we were first married.

Our big treat was to go to the Mannheim Steamroller concert here in Seattle. They are so great.

Well, guess that is all the news for now...have a wonderfully blessed Christmas season. May you have a joyful and peaceful Christmas. Hope to write again before the big day.

Love, judy irish

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