Saturday, December 5, 2009's Cold!!

Hi is COLD in these here parts! Lots of heavy frost and cold weather. I even dripped the faucets in my studio tonite. My poor goat girls are pretty chilly too...I put more straw in their little house so they can snuggle up and keep warm. I think I should bring them some hot chocolate tomorrow morning. As for the koi, they are definitely down now, and there is ice on the pond. Ken put the pond heater in so there is a small opening on one end of the pond to let the air in. It worked real well last year.

Today we had a long-arm meeting. They are always fun, and we get to chat and do show and tell...share tips, and learn from one another. It is so great to have such a giving group of gals willing to share their business tips. We take turns going to each others' studios and enjoying how each one works.

We got some Christmas lights up tonite over our living room windows...inside. We will get the tree up and our outside deck light going soon, too.

I hope to make a few placemats for gifts and quilt on some more of Freddy's quilts this week, too. Other than that, this week will be a couple more quilt guild parties and work, work, work.

I hope you are enjoying this time of the year as much as I do. I LOVE the Christmas season and especially all the great carols. Then, there is always the baking and cooking....don't do so much of that any makes me FAT!!....ha....well, hope to talk to again soon.....judy

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