Saturday, February 8, 2014


Hi dear friends.   I just wanted to tell you about my exciting visit to the VET at the end of December.  Mom said we were going to the vet to get the "snip-snip"....I wondered what that meant, since I already had all my shots.  Well, I soon found out.  I came home with stitches in my belly and my belly all shaved slick as a whistle....and I have such a cute belly too.  They used some new fangled way to stitch me up, but I didn't let that stop me from licking now and then.  By the end of the week my incision was beginning to open up, so mom took me back to the VET and they had to put me back to sleep again and re-stitch my cute little belly.  And to make matters worse, I had to wear the CONE OF SHAME.   They gave me a plastic hat and it fit around my neck and stuck out so I couldn't lick my belly any more.  I could hardly walk very well because it threw my balance said it would be the longest week ever!   After a few days, I was able to walk pretty normally, and even eat and drink my water.  But I couldn't lick my I guess the cone of shame worked just fine.
I healed up and after a week they took off my pretty new hat.  I was glad of that, because I  was getting tired of wearing that thing.  Even the vet said I was quite a little dickens, not like Tommy Boy who was such a mellow fellow.  But, then, I am still a cute little kitten.  I won't be able to use that excuse forever! 
Mom says I am calming down a bit.   I don't climb up her pants anymore, but I am  too fat for that trick.  I am not biting her quite so much either, and sit and let her pet me once in awhile, too.  If I weren't so cute, I couldn't get away with half of my tricks.   I like to annoy mom and dad by running around the living room in circles, jumping on  mom's special chair, then the couch, and hiding in the corner,  only to repeat as many times as I can.  Pretty soon I will be an old lady cat and just lie around sleeping.  Then mom will say,  "Why don't you run around and play??"
Parents are so hard to figure out.  Instead of sitting in front of the computer screen, I am so sweet, and just sleeping on a pile of mom's invoices.  What a good girl I am!  Mom says she has to work on her website now...and I know how   hard that is for her.  She always says she is not a techie type.  Maybe I can learn how to update her website.  I bet  she would love that!  I hope I can do better with my blogging this year.   For some reason, it is hard to sit down and get to it.  It seems like I always have so much to do.  I hope you  all get lots done in the weeks ahead, too.  Sparkie
 A couple of Freddy's newest quilts.  She has been in Arizona teaching and featured artist at the AQS show.  She also has quilts on display at the Back Porch quilts in CA.    Such a busy girl.

See my new hat???  I think it needs some flowers or a few bows!!

Ken made fruitcake this year. I don't eat it, but he gets the biggest rave reviews from fruitcake lovers.  He has been using this recipe nearly every year. I found it in the newpaper  almost 50 years ago.  It is called the Grand Old Recipe.

Maybe I should have saved this for the Easter Parade.

Here I am busy writing my blog.


  1. Sparkie, Mom should have embellished your hat a bit and made it like one of those English fascinators, then You'd be ready for the big Ascot race in England. Tres elegante. Tell mom it was great to see her a couple of weeks ago and I hope to see her later this month.

  2. Your quilts are simply gorgeous malorgeous❤️❤️❤️