Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New

Greetings All.....I just noticed my last post was Dec. 8.....where have I been, and how fast does time fly!   I have been quilting, cleaning the studio....neverending....and quilting some more.  I had hoped to quilt 3 of my own pieces over Christmas, but the one with peacocks took a week on the frame, so that idea went out the window!  I am finally putting the binding on the tired old eyes are having fits with black binding, black backing, and black thread.....not much fun.
My helper Trish came and we put in a counter I had stashed in the barn....trying to clean up around the design wall, or as I often call it the bulletin board.   Opal says that is my problem....I have to quit thinking of that space as a bulletin board!!   It is a great design wall...two sliding boards with insulation board covered with is a total of 8 by 8 feet...trouble is that I had about 18" on each edge plastered with important stuff!  So the design wall was slowly I have it all clear so I put up the newest kaffe quilt...just have to add a row on top and bottom.   I had extra blocks so decided to make it bigger.  The more to quilt, my dear!

We had a quiet Christmas at home....went to my brother's the Sunday before Christmas.  Just snow....I am thinking good thoughts that we have not one flake of snow this year, or at least any that stays on the ground.
I got the Christmas cards in the mail DEC. 24....usually it is after Jan. this year I was ahead of schedule....just finished making my annual banket pastry, and will finish it up later today.   It is  a yummy almond paste pastry.  I got the recipe from my  lovely old Dutch ladies who could cook wonderful goodies.    I have had the recipe over 25 years already...can't believe it. 
I decided to make some Christmas cut-out cookies so got the dough ready last night for cutting and baking today.  It has been a few years or more since I did cut-out cookies....too many cookies makes for too much Judy.
Well, gotta get going into town on errands...will try to post pictures of the bake shop later! 
 one of my patriotic ornaments.....I have a huge collection and my tree is covered with red, white, and blue.
 who doesn't need some pumpkin pie?
 Part of my matrushka dolls I collected from my Russian mission trips....early on I traded some m and m's for them!   I am thinking of doing a qiult!   (in my spare time!)
 I used to make mohair teddy
 Another kaffe quilt...headlights!
 This peacock quilt was made using Sara Nephew's  triangle ruler....super 60.....the peacock feathers took forever to quilt.
Have a wonderful few days before the new year.   I hope you get some piecing in between all the parties and foodies.....judy

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