Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Do Set my Bow in the Cloud......

Dear Friends....where does the time go????   We got home from Grand Rapids and all the fun I had teaching to  quilts piled up for me to do, and finally the rain....(note the photos I posted this time).   Our fish are getting ready to go to sleep with the colder weather and water temp dropping.  Soon the will get not a kernel of fish kibble till next May, or April if the weather warms up.
I will not miss my early morning trudge to the pasture to feed goats and alpacas, altho I do miss those little guys.  It seems strange with no Tommy Boy running around....we miss him.....altho I took a peek at cats for adoption the other day.  Nothing spoke to me.  I think I want another black kitty again.
I have been quilting like mad for my customers, and working on  about 4 of my own piecing projects...tomorrow is our Camano Island Quilt Retreat....and boy, do I have things to work on....including two projects from about 12-15 years from CT and one from when I first moved to WA.   I want to get them finished some one of these days!!
I finally got my new little light weight is great, and even has a thread cutter and lots of special stitches.  I especially love the one double blanket stitch on it.  I want it for teaching instead of carting around my 40 pound is feeling more like 400 pounds the older I get!
Well, when I get some of these projects finished I will post them on the blog.  I just finished a couple of  great ones  from one of Freddy Moran's students...these are the collage type she has been teaching of late.
 These rainbow pictures were taken last week right after a big rainstorm.....I couldn't believe how beautiful they were....there were two rainbows, and you could see the complete curve from end to end.  The colors were so bright, and they lasted quite fact, I drove home on the free way, and lo, and behold...there was the end of the rainbow right at the exit of the freeway....I drove right through the mist....(my hubby wanted to know why I didn't bring home the pot of gold...but after driving through what appeared to be the very end of the rainbow, a little further down the road was the rainbow again.  It was the absolute best rainbow(s) I had ever seen in all my 70 years....
The last picture is the view out the window of the beautiful lodge building where I taught machine quilting for the Cama Beach Quilters on Camano Island.  It was such a beautiful view in spite of the clouds and rain.  The Pacific Northwest surely has a beauty of its own!
Well, hope you enjoyed the rainbows...much prettier in real life! 

Well, since I have lots to do, I guess I will close for now....happy sewing to all of you!   judy

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  1. A weekend retreat at Camano Island would be divine. heck, anytime there would be wonderful!

    Hope you're enjoying the tidbits of sunshine tha peek out. Have fun quilting!