Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OOPS! did I get all the same pix???? Stephie said I should try to post a little something every day....see, that is why I don't.....I can never figure out why I goof up so much....anyway, I will try again...the oops was for all the junk that fell over in my studio when Opal was over sewing with me. Luckily it didn't land on us or her sweet Cinda Lou doggie. I am working on the quilt to the left. It is a challenge, and the challenge now is to put all those beads and buttons etc. on for embellishments. I am getting tired already, and have lots more to go. I tip my hat to those who sit and hand sew or do all that fancy stitching and embellishing. I did get the sleeve on my koi threadwork quilt, which I think I got posted....I actually quilted the sleeve so the stitching would match the back better than just a piece of black fabric. I rather like how it turned out.
Tomorrow I am hoping to finish a client quilt and then maybe another one of mine. Our quilt show is coming soon, so the embellishments need to get done right away. Well, since I need to go and work on that piece...guess I better get going....good nite, Stephie.....this one is for you!! Judy

Oops..double oops....I don't know what button I pressed, but I posted a title before I was ready.


    Check this link before you leave, and see this show if you possibly can. Sally LeBoeuf