Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HAPPY THANKSGIVING....a litle late!!

Moe will definitely need to get to the beauty parlor after this bad weather!
Some Thanksgiving day pictures....we have much to be thankful for. I am grateful to live in such a wonderful nation and that our armed forces are there to protect us....I am thankful for family and friends and of course, my wonderul husband. And thankful for the many blessings God has given us over the past year.....even the snow!

Happy Thanksgiving a few days later....we had an interesting week with about 4" of snow, icy roads, and our area tied up in traffic jams and accidents. My studio had frozen pipes, and we were just trying to keep things perking along in this storm. The critters did fine, and probably loved the cold weather, especially the alpacas.

Soooo, I had a hot dog for Thanksgiving Day dinner, and we waited till Friday to take our bird and trimmings to my brother's house south of here a couple hours. Ken did a masterful job of baking the bird....it was really pretty roasted to a golden brown. I tried a new creamy type pumpkin pie......I think I will go back to my standard recipe off the can of pumpkin. I think that one is still the best! All I care about is the mashed potatoes anyway.....I have to laugh as yesterday some guy was interviewed on the radio who went on a 60 day potato only diet...he even lost 20 pounds and his cholesterol dropped 40 points or so....he was from the Washington potato board or some such thing. Now we need an icecream only diet...I will be happy to research that one!

Well, the one good thing that came out of our belated Thanksgiving was that I did quite a lot of sewing. I am nearly finished with my bordered diamonds and a couple other quilts as well. I even did some of my quilts on the longarm!

Well, that is my holiday report....on to Christmas and NO SNOW, I hope.....have a great week...judy irish


  1. great pictures of your pet's! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Agree with recipe on pumpkin can, but only use 1/2 the sugar with great results.
    Also new, at our place, for this year: crock pot mashed potatoes. Make the mashed potatoes the usual way, but the day before. Enrich however you wish, sour cream, cream cheese, butter, herbs, etc. Put into crock pot on day of dinner, and heat for about 3 hours on low. If too thick, add milk, if too thin leave the lid off a while. I also added the left over potatoes to the turkey bone soup.

  3. OH, I just figured out how to find comments from my readers....I cannot believe what a dufus I am with this blogging and website stuff. I really am from the middle ages. I think I will post some recipes for the season...and a few more lone star pix...I made one with leftover strata....thanks to all who send comments..now that I think I have it figured out a little bit, I can even reply I think...except not sure how to make it go to the actual commentor....is that a real word??? love, jude