Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still too busy.....!!

Hi all....well, I have not written for some time again. I had a couple classes I taught in the past couple was the Kaffe Fassett Hat Boxes from his book Passionate Patchwork. It is lots of fun and gives people a great chance to use up some fun fabric. It looks good in many different styles. Be sure to check Kaffe's book. His newest one just came out as well...can't think of the title, but it is posted on Amazon for a good price. The photos were all taken near his home in London....fabulous as usual.

Freddy Moran's new string quilt book is still in process, but the quilts are all fun ones, and should be great in another book.

We have had some fabulous weather...except today is cloudy and colder. We had quite a few sunny days in the past week. The koi are looking for lunch, but I am not feeding till the warm weather is really here, and the water temp stays up. They all look healthy and one looks like she if full of eggs...maybe we will have babies this year.

Alpacas and goats seem to have made their peace, and get along pretty well. Now we have two stray cats...a grey tiger and little siamese type one.

Well, guess I will try to post a couple pix, and get ready to go out.....Liz is coming by for a trip to Pacific Fabric in Everett, and then lunch.

I am working on my tulip challenge which will be donated to the museum. I should finish it today, except the binding. Will post it on the blog when finished. I really like it and decided I really love to do collage on the longarm. It is almost like painting in thread. Well, have a great day all, and I hope none of you are still caught in the storms back east....judy

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